Access the U.S. Market on Your Own Terms

Accessing the United States market can seem daunting, but this does not need to be the case. With a trusted partner by your side, selling wine in the United States can be as easy as selling wine in your own local market.

We Know Vino is that trusted partner.  We are a full service import consulting company who can show you how to bring your wines into the United States market in a way that maximizes your profits and your control over the marketing of your product.

Our first step is to consult with your team and understand your marketing strategies.  We can then provide a full range of solutions, from incorporating your business in the United States, to explaining the various TTB and FDA requirements, and introducing you to different partners who can provide a full range of compliance services.

​Depending on your distribution strategy, we can assist in introducing your wines to national distributors or local retail markets.  You then ship your wine through your compliance partner either directly to a distribution partner's warehouse or to your compliance partner's warehouse for sale to the local retail market.